A Practical Way to Teach God’s Word to Kids

    As a mom of three little ones, I am constantly looking for ways to teach God’s Word to our children. I am sure many moms can relate to having great intentions but then time just gets away. Many times we have intended to sit down with family devotions and then weeks go by before it actually happens. Or when we do try, it is hard to involve all three kids as their ages span from 8 years old to 2 years old.

    I knew I needed a practical way to teach God’s Word to them. It had to be hands on and full of truth.  When I found Tabletop Truths I knew I found my answer.

    Tabletop Truths is a collection of kid-friendly place mats that can be used to teach children concepts and stories from God’s Word. The moms who started Tabletop Truths wanted something that would integrate Biblical truth into their daily routines. Isn’t that perfect for all us mamas?

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  • 5 Tips for Blogging to Help You Not Feel Overwhelmed

    5 Best Tips for Blogging

    As a blogger, I am constantly learning and growing and sharing tips for blogging. Whether it is over coffee with a friend or via an email, it is fun to chat blogging and share about the ups and downs. One thing I do know is how overwhelming blogging can be. It is an amazing and incredible gift but then it can be so frustrating which is why I feel compelled to share my best tips for blogging with you. Even if you are not a blogger, I think you can look at these tips and apply them to any area of life. 

    / March 16, 2017
  • 8 Ways to Celebrate Easter as a Family

    While we love the candy and Easter eggs, it has always been important to us to be intentional with how we celebrate Easter. My natural tendency is to see all of the amazing ideas for how to celebrate Easter as a family and then end up doing none of them, because I am overwhelmed. This year, I am taking some time to think about what season we are in and what would best teach my kids.

    As I have thought about what we are going to do, I have made a list of some fun ways to celebrate Easter as a family– and keep the focus on Jesus.

    / March 15, 2017
  • Spring Cleaning tips for the busy mom

    3 Spring Cleaning Tips + Free Resource

    Just as every January sends me into full force goal setting, every March sends me into spring cleaning mode. As the weather warms up, my windows crack open to let in the warm breezes. As I open the windows, I always am suddenly more aware of the dirty baseboards or clutter piling up in the corner. Without fail, within an hour I am off to Pinterest searching for the best spring cleaning guide. 

    While there are many great spring cleaning guides, I always end up a little overwhelmed. Spring cleaning with three little kids usually does not result how I would wish. At first, I struggled a lot with this and then I started to learn a few tips that helped me. 

    / March 14, 2017
  • How to encourage others even when you are busy

    How You Can Encourage Others

    One of my favorite things is to encourage others. Naturally, this also means that I love encouraging words as well. In my closet sits a worn box that holds various notes filled with encouraging words. Some are creased and fading with age and others are fresh from current years. Every time a note is received, my heart overflows with gratitude for the encouragement, so I store up these words letting them build as reminders of what is good.  

    Life is full of a lot of challenging moments. Between motherhood, marriage, friendships, family relationships, work struggles, financial challenges and so on, the trials can pile on heavy. Whether it is the big struggles or the small, we all need regular encouragement in our lives. 

    / March 13, 2017
  • Sharing Friday Favorites from the Week

    Friday Favorites: Birthday!

    It was my birthday week which meant lots of celebrating and mail! A lot of my favorites from the week include birthday excitement, because there were just so many good things. We are having cake tonight, which I am so excited about because I love sweets! Here are some of my top favorites from the week: 

    / March 10, 2017