The Christmas season is practically here and we are making a plan. It is my goal that we are intentional as a family this Christmas and one of the ways we are going to do this is by using our Intentional Christmas Cards. Over the years, I have been trapped by the thought of doing everything. That mindset always leads to frustration and overwhelm. This Christmas our focus is to do less. We are thinking about what season of life we are in and  where we want our focus to be.

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As I think about these things, I realized there are many ways that a family can be intentional this season. Here are ten different ways that you can be intentional as a family during Christmas.

1. Plan a weekly activity. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that we have to do a daily activity, however in many families that is not realistic. Instead of focusing on each day, think of one activity per week. Use four of the cards to write down an activity for each week (save the rest of the cards for next Christmas!).

2. Hide the cards. Kids love hunting for things. Write out different things on the cards and then hide them for the kids to find in the morning. You can write something as simple as “Have a great day, I love you.” The activity is more in the hunt.

3. Write down memories. If you love recording memories, use the cards to write down one memory from each day leading up to Christmas. This is also a great way to focus on the positive and being grateful.

4. Make a countdown. Who doesn’t love counting down to the most wonderful day of the year? Write the numbers on the cards and hang them up for a countdown.

5. Service Projects. During as season where gifts are plentiful, use the cards to help your family focus on giving to others. Write down different service opportunities on each card for your family to focus on.

6. Use Scripture with them. As a bonus to purchasing the Intentional Christmas Cards, you get access to a PDF file of daily Scripture for Christmas. Write each reference on a card for your family to focus on each day.

7. Incorporate them with other traditions. Do you use the Elf, Star from Afar, or another tradition? Use the cards with them. The daily card can be hiding with the Elf or Star each day. You could write a question or an activity on it.

8. Use them daily. For moms of little ones who stay home, having a daily activity can be a really fun way to focus on Christmas! ** Go here for some of my favorite Christmas activities.

9. Have each family work on specific cards. Separate the cards and give some to each family member. Have them write down a different activity on the cards and then share with the group. This works well with families of slightly older kids.

10. Mix it up.  Sometimes the best plan is to have a loose plan. Write down a different activity, craft or act of kindness on each card. Set them in a basket on the table and each day (or as you desire) choose a card for the day!

No matter matter what you do the point is that you relax and embrace your unique Christmas season. Do not feel discouraged about the upcoming season but excited for the possibilities. Remember, you can be intentional this Christmas with your family without feeling the stress and overwhelm.

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