Keeping Your Marriage Strong

From the moment you say “I do” you have created a family and must begin protecting it. The family is you and your spouse- you are a complete and beautiful family. As you begin your marriage together, it is vital that you take hold of this simple truth. 

Many times couples get caught between their two families and begin to be torn apart before they can even begin to grow together. Holidays can throw an extra twist into this hard road and cause many struggles as you strive to keep your marriage strong. 

My husband and I had talked a lot before we were married  about the importance of protecting our little family unit.  An older couple who mentored us and went through some premarital counseling with us, encouraged us to remember that we are a family once we get married and to honor that.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”  Genesis 2:24 ESV

We leave and cleave. It sounds so easy and yet many times it is much harder.  So much battles against us.

With the Christmas season, your spouse can quickly become an after thought as all the attention is on the kids.  it can be easy to focus on the kids. The kids involve all the fun and magical things, but I want to encourage us not to forget about marriage. 

If you are currently married and do not have kids, remember, you and your husband are a complete family. Having children does not create a family, it simply extends it. Celebrate the Christmastime together, make fun traditions and get creative! 

A sweet friend of mine, Dee, and her husband do small gifts for the twelve days leading up to Christmas. She loves to match the day number with the quantity. Example: Day 1 the gift would be 1 comic book, Day 2 the gift would be 2 packs of gum. Her husband likes to wrap all twelve gifts up and let her pick one out each day. Each way is unique and fun. It is such a simple way to focus on each other. (Make sure and hop over to check out Dee’s blog– she is such a joy!). 

If you are currently in the thick of parenting, hold strong to your marriage and do not forget to create special moments together. What is one tradition you can have as a couple? Think outside the box of gifts. It could be a special date night to go Christmas shopping, attending a play or event every year, opening a gift together Christmas Eve after the kids are asleep, dinner date by the Christmas tree. 

God created your beautiful family. Treasure it. Protect it. Create boundaries, put a hedge around your family. Your marriage, your family is worth it.

Do you have a Christmas tradition with your spouse? 

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