Self Care + Christmas

The season of Christmas naturally means, we have more things going on, and when life gets busy self-care is so easily pushed to the side. We can become obsessed with being intentional as a family during Christmas, all while forgetting to be intentional with our own self-care. 

We have good intentions, but reality is that if we do not take care of ourselves, we will not be able to have an intentional Christmas. 

Friends, self-care is such a struggle and it tends to be a common struggle among moms. Recently, I asked moms in a #Gloriousmotherhood question on Instagram how they practiced self-care. While there were some who were regularly practicing it, the majority was a lump of mamas who jokingly asked what self-care even was. We joke because deep down, we miss it but we just do not know how to get back to the point of caring for ourselves. 

From the moment you become a mom, your world suddenly changes.  Gone are the free moments, sleeping in mornings, and “take as long as you want” showers. Enter dark circles under the eyes, crazy fast showers, sleepless nights, gallons of lukewarm coffee, and yoga pants. I am not saying this to be negative about motherhood, because I adore being a mom. It is amazing, but it is also a job that needs a healthy woman, not a worn down one. 

Our families need to see us taking are of ourselves. It teaches them the importance of self-care. Making time for yourself is not selfish, it is necessary. 

Before we even enter into the Christmas season, let’s start practicing self-care so it is natural to continue. 

Now, do not get overwhelmed and think you have to work out every day, eat an organic foods diet, put makeup on, etc… I am just talking about basic care and basic things you can implement starting today. Go for a walk, wear something other than yoga pants, put a little mascara on, take a nice bath, wash your face… Nothing major, just something small.

Make a list of ways that you can practice self-care. Think of things that bring joy to you. If you hate running, that is probably not the best choice right now. As you make this list, ask yourself how you can care for yourself mentally/emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

The evening is one of my favorite times to relax and take time for myself. As my kids sit down for their cartoon and snack before bed, I make myself a cup of tea. Typically, I will drink this while reading or just snuggling by them on the couch. It is a moment for me to breathe. It marks the end of all my busy for the day. 

Another way I practice self-care in a physical way is super simple and you could start this today. After the kids are in bed, I take out of my contacts and wash my face.  Then I slip on my glasses over my clean face. There is something so refreshing about this and it takes such little time. I recently was given a new pair of glasses thanks to You can order glasses online which is pretty much the best thing ever in my opinion. If you want to order your own pair, use the code GSHOT50 for 50% off an eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). Shop here.

The funny thing is that washing my face and letting my eyes rest, takes less than five minutes, but it makes a world of a difference. What self-care habit could you start practicing today so that when Christmas comes, you are ready to care for yourself?

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