Serving Others as a Family

In the busy every day life, it can be easy to become caught up in our own lives. The thought of serving others is lost in the whirlwind of life. Our routines, schedules, soccer games, and ballet lessons consume us. Slowly, our lives become more and more inward focused and less and less outward focused. 

By nature we are all selfish.  Sometimes I start to get frustrated when my kids are constantly wanting more, more, more, but then I have to stop myself.  Because in their eyes, I see a reflection of myself. How often do I get focused on what I want or need?

Exercising the act of serving others helps to train us to take our eyes off ourselves and put them onto others.

The Christmas season is approaching and it is one of the best times to start serving others as the options are endless. Serving others together is the perfect way for your family to be intentional this Christmas. Set aside some time as a family and talk about a couple ways you can serve those around you.

Do not get caught up in thinking too big, sometimes the most practical and small acts are the most meaningful. 

Some ideas to get you started: 

  • Host a shoe cutting party
  • Bake cookies for your neighbor
  • Rake your neighbor’s leaves
  • Put together a box for Operation Christmas Child
  • Bring dinner to another family
  • Make cards for someone
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Serving others turns our eyes off ourselves and puts them on others. As you begin to involve your family in serving others, you will see attitudes changing and hearts opening up to care for others.

What are some ways you like to serve others as a family?

Stay tuned for the arrival of the Intentional Christmas Kit. It will include activity ideas for your family to serve and grow together! 

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