Connecting with Our Community

A couple years ago, we were invited to a neighborhood block party.  The idea was brilliant and a great way to get us out of our little comfort zone. Our neighborhood is an older one, filled with people of all walks of life. As we enjoyed the block party, I thought about how these are people we are coming in contact with- every day. Day in day out, we smile, we wave, but do we really know these people? Are we missing out on opportunities simply because we are too busy?

The next year, we joined with the couple who hosted the block party, and set up a little camp fire in our backyard and invited some of the neighbors. For my introverted self, this was hard. I can talk my friend’s ear off, but enter in people  that I do not really know, and I want to slink away into the shadows. But it went so well. I got out of my comfort zone… people were talking, sharing, and connecting. All it took was a simple camp fire and some s’mores (because who doesn’t love s’mores?).

As the holiday season approaches, this is the perfect time to start reaching out to your community. Offer to rake someone’s yard, sit and talk to an elderly neighbor, offer snacks to the neighborhood kids, make some Christmas treats for the neighbors. 

Honestly, it is hard. I get it, trust me. When I am home, I want to just relax and put my feet up. Rest is definitely important but so is connecting with others. We can choose a balance between the two. It’s time to go beyond the comforts of our fenced in yards and reach out, friends. It is time to open our hearts and eyes to the needs surrounding us, right on our own street.

What are some ways you can be intentional in your community? As the Christmas season approaches how will you be intentional?

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