A Different Christmas Gathering

Every year there are countless Christmas gatherings going on. Whether it is a gift exchange, cookie exchange, or favorite things there is definitely not a shortage of fun outings. As I was thinking about the Christmas season, I was trying to think of a different Christmas gathering where there could be an outreach involved. 

I  know I am not alone in this desire for outreach, because I often hear women say they would love to do more missions related, but they are a “just a mom in the suburbs” so what could they possibly do? Oh sweet friend, there is so much that you could do! It is a beautiful thing that we can make a difference on the world right from our very home.

We all have a mission field right in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our cities.  I love reaching out to those immediately around me, but I also want to be intentional about my kids knowing about the world around them outside of the USA. This is why I love discovering missions that help families to do this.

Sole Hope is one of my favorite organizations. It was started by Asher and Dru Collie and their family is based in Uganda. They offer hope healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief. I love that they are meeting a practical need in that community.

The exciting thing is that you can get involved with Sole Hope right from your home today or even this Christmas. I have hosted a couple of shoe cutting parties in my home and with our mom’s group. It is so simple and a great activity to do with a bunch of friends.  You can read more about hosting a shoe cutting party here.

For a different Christmas gathering, why not host a shoe cutting Christmas party? Gather some friends, have appetizers, or desserts and help out Sole Hope. You could even add in a fun gift exchange by having the ladies bring a pair of fun Christmas socks to exchange, nail polish, or slippers. It is the perfect combination of fun and intentional! 

What about you? Is there an outreach that you love to get involved with at Christmas?

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