Whenever I think about being intentional, I often get caught in a list of endless things to do. I want to be intentional in so many areas of my life. The lists can quickly diminish my joy and cause me to feel defeated. It is hard to really be intentional in all the areas of life, because when you focus in on one area, others are going to be set aside. 

Many times as I seek intentional living, I become frustrated because I am trying to do too many things well. We can truly only do a few things really really well. As I think about life, I do not want to be someone who does a lot of things. I want to be someone who really focuses in on a few things, and does them well. 

Friends, we do not need to be intentional in all the areas of life at the same time.  We are not all going to feel called to be intentional in the same ways. What we can do is one thing.  There is great power in one thing. 

As Christmas approaches, I am excited about the opportunities, ministries to connect with, and activities to pursue. However, I do not want to loose sight of the simplicity of one thing. Whether it is watching a Christmas movie with my family eating popcorn, bringing a friend some coffee, or helping with a ministry- each thing is powerful. No matter how big or small it may seem, there is power in one thing. Because in that one thing, you are giving your all and saying, “You matter to me.” 

This Christmas, think small when you think of being intentional. Yes, there are amazing big things that we can do, but do not forget the small. Do not forget those who are right in front of your eyes. Sometimes we miss the greatest opportunities to be be intentional in, because we are so busy looking around. 

What about you? What is one thing you can do this Christmas? My one thing is that I want to be present in the moments with family. 

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