Experiencing Christmas

I love Christmas. It really is one of my most favorite times of the year.  However, many times I realize that in the midst of all the busy, I am not truly experiencing Christmas. I love to do the crafts, bake the cookies, and attend all the events. It is so easy for me to say yes to every little thing, but then the busy crowds out being present for the little moments.

Instead of soaking in the moment of my children decorating Christmas cookies, I am working on wrapping gifts. Time after time, my thoughts are separated from my actions as I attempt to multi task my way through Christmas. 

“I am being intentional,” I remind myself. Yet, in my vain attempts to be intentional, I am missing out on truly experiencing Christmas.  

It is easy to think I must do this craft or that cookie recipe or go to every parade, etc. It gets overwhelming… Guilt creeps in and instead of enjoying the Christmas season, we are swept up in a sea of busy.  We get so busy trying to create this amazing experience that we miss out entirely on the experience.

Instead of being constantly busy, I am learning to sit back and simply be present. 

Friends, we need to slow down, simplify, and enjoy the season.  Let’s choose to experience Christmas this season. What do you want to soak in this year? Focus on these things and enjoy every moment. 

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