Preparing Your Family for Christmas

There is just something about the twinkling lights, cookies, and decorations during Christmas that warms my soul. Every year, I love to take time to plan out activities for our family and squeeze in every last ounce of Christmas that we can possibly handle. It all starts out wonderful and full of excitement. That is until about halfway through December, when I find myself exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed.

In the midst of the hustle, the cookies, and the shopping I  can easily get swallowed up and lose sight of why we are celebrating. This Christmas season, I want to intentionally do things different. I am taking steps back to refresh my soul and prepare my mind for a calmer, simpler, and more focused Christmas.


Psalm 131:2 says, “But I have calmed and quieted my soul…”

Stepping back, we can take time to prepare our souls be calm and quiet- not full of hustle, to do lists, and expectations. There is something beautiful that happens when we retreat and calm our souls.  Suddenly everything else seems a lot smaller and God gets a lot bigger. Isn’t that the focus? That HE will INCREASE and WE will DECREASE (John 3:30).

When I take moments to sit back and quiet my soul, I am able to see where my life is overcrowded. Is there a commitment I need to back away from? I can ask myself what is important for my family this Christmas?  There are so many invitations, parades, activities, and so on that it can be easily to respond with a hurried yes and then wonder how you will manage it all. The reality is that we do not need to say yes to any of the things this Christmas season, we only need to say yes to God. 

As you prepare to enter into the month of December, I want to encourage you to take some time to retreat from the busy and focus on quieting your soul. Ask God how you can increase Him in your life this Christmas season? Maybe it means saying no to some parties, maybe it means saying yes to giving more.  Talk with your husband and determine what your family will focus on this Christmas season. We will each say yes and no to different things as we quiet our souls this Christmas and focus on the ONE who truly matters.

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