Questions to Ask Before Christmas

As I have been sharing in this series, it is important to prepare your family for the Christmas season. Within this series, we are focusing on being intentional as a family, in our community, and in our homes. This week, will begin the focus on family. 

Before we dive into each section, I want us to think about different questions pertaining to that section. These questions can help us figure out why we do what we do. 

Whether your family consists of you and your husband or you, your husband, and children, these are questions that you need to ask yourself. 

1. What are our family traditions? Write down all the things your family does on a regular basis during Christmas. These are the things that are unique to your family. 

2. Are there any parts of Christmas that stress us out? Honestly, there is always something. As you look at your list are these things that can be avoided or are they necessary and you can mentally prepare ahead of time? If malls stress you out, consider shopping online. However, if there is a family gathering that stresses you out, just mentally prepare ahead of time. Identifying the stress points ahead of time can help you be more aware of what is to come. 

3. What would you love to do this Christmas?  Is there a tradition you would love to try? Maybe a new cookie recipe or a new idea for the kids.

4. What will your family say yes to and what will your family say no to this season? This was discussed more here, and I want to encourage you to make your list. When I start to feel overwhelmed about all the things, I can look at my list and be reminded of where I am saying yes in this season. 

Take some time to answer these questions yourself and have your family members answer them. When you are aiming to be intentional, these questions can help you identify areas to focus on and areas to let go in. 

What about you? How do you prepare for the holidays?

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