We loving having family night around here and popcorn family night is a common theme for us. It is such a fun snack to mix it up with! Recently, we added Cheetos to the mix, but have also added in m&ms and pretzels. 

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. 
This post contains Amazon affiliate links. 

My completely biased opinion is to use a Whirley Pop to make your popcorn. I started using one about 10 years ago and it has become a nightly thing. Seriously, I love the popcorn and it is so easy. 

With our recent popcorn family night, we sat down and planned out our Intentional Christmas moments using our cards. One of the keys that I have learned for successful intentional living is there needs to be a plan. We can talk all day about being intentional. We can make all the lists and pin all the ideas, but until we step forth into motion, nothing is going to happen. 

I have had years that were filled with many ideas and a lot of talking but there was zero follow through because I never came up with a plan of action. That is where the Intentional Christmas Cards come into action. They are the perfect tool to use to map out what your family is going to do this Christmas. 

We love to mix in the simple (watching a Christmas movie) with the giving (make cookies for a nieghbor). For our family, a daily thing is not realistic, so we cut it down to three a week. 

At the end of family night we had twelve cards filled out with fun intentional Christmas activities.  A plan is in place and we are ready for the Christmas season. 

What about you? What does your family love to do together? 

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