Choosing Joy

Nothing was going right. From the moment my youngest woke our entire house at the early hour of 5am, it had been one thing after another. The boys were arguing over toys, the puppy having accidents on the floor, and I spilled my coffee all over myself. Grumbling, I made extra coffee and attempted to wake my weary self. In moments like these, and in moments much harder than these, joy can seem like an unrealistic emotion. However, I have learned that having joy is different than being happy. 

This post contains affiliate links

This post contains affiliate links

When we choose joy, we are choosing to put our faith in God and rest in Him. We are not bound to our circumstances. It can be a challenging season, and we can still have joy. To choose joy does not mean to put on a mask and pretend like everything is perfect. It is more of a turning of your thoughts. 

As the unexpected happens, we have a choice: will we choose joy or will we choose to be sucked in. I like to think of choosing joy as saying, “God I do not understand this, I am struggling, but I know that I know that you have plan. So I am trusting you with the unknown, with my frustrations, and choosing joy.” 

Choosing joy is something I have to be reminded of constantly throughout the day. Even as an optimistic person, it can be hard to keep my mindset right. When things do not go as planned, unexpected sickness happens, or life in general happens, I can quickly drop into a downward spiral. 

Over time, I started placing visual reminders around my home. Whether it was a sign, a note, or just an alarm set in my phone, I wanted to keep joy at the forefront of my mind. So when my friend Kacie, from Persimmon Prints shared about the Choose Joy hoodies, I was very excited! This is the perfect visual reminder for me! 

Are you like me and you need a visual reminder to choose joy? Grab one of these adorable hoodies from Persimmon Prints. As you all know, I am a big fan of Persimmon Prints and love adding their clothing to my closet. Lately, it has cooled down some in the early mornings here, so I have been throwing this on as I bring the puppy outside. I cannot wait for cooler weather so I can wear it more. Get your Choose Joy hoodie here. Use the code WELCOME for 15% off.

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This post contains affiliate links. 

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