Tips to Save Money on School Clothes

As school is back in session, I have been working on sorting through my kids’ clothes. With everything we need to buy at the beginning of a school year, I am all about saving money on school clothes! The supplies can quickly add up so I love to look for ways to save a dollar or two. 

Below are some of my tips for how you can save money on school clothes.

Before you head out to the stores, you need to head to your child’s closet. 

(1)Empty the closet and dressers.

(2) Inspect the clothing. Is it too worn? Have they ever worn it? My son has a few shirts that I know he will never wear, so I set them aside to store for my next son who is not as picky. Set items in keep or donate piles.

(3) Ensure the clothes fit.

(4) Make a list of what you need.

Once everything has been sorted through, you will have a clearer idea of what you need to shop for. There will also be a pile of clothes that are no longer needed. One great place to shop and donate clothes to is Schoola, which is an online second-hand clothing store. People can donate clothes and choose the school they want the proceeds of their clothing sales to go to. At the same time, others can purchase the clothes at a decent price. As the wife of a teacher, I know how important these funds can be. It is such a practical and easy way to give back.

I always love a win all around as you can donate your old clothing and purchase new items that allows you to save money on school clothes. Schoola sent us some outfits to check out and I am very pleased with them! Each was a great quality item and will be perfect for the school days ahead. With the rate children go through clothes, I am all about shopping second hand in order to save money!  I already have a stack of our gently used clothes ready to be sent back to Schoola in one of their pre-labeled bags.

Schoola also has clothes for moms! They sent me some adorable pieces that I am so excited to wear this fall!

How do you save money on school clothes?

Thank you to Schoola for sending clothes for us to review!

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