When Being Intentional Is Hard

I really wish we could sit down, with some coffee warming our hands and just talk- face to face- about the real stuff. About those days when life is just downright exhausting and being intentional is hard.

I remember one of the first times I forgot about a homework assignment for my oldest. I had been tired and not encouraging follow through on our routines.  Life had become busy and there were sick kids, battling a cold myself, and just life in general. So the papers got pushed aside.

In the depth of that pile of papers, was my son’s homework project. I found it the morning it was due; after he was already at school. 

The perfectionist in me immediately started criticizing myself. 

We do that so quickly don’t we? We beat ourselves up. 

I sent my husband a text in frustration and he responded back that it was okay– not a big deal. And really, it was okay, we worked on it and turned it in the next day- no big deal. A day late homework assignment really is not the end of the world.

It is hard though, because we forget that life is not perfect and we are not perfect people. Even when we strive to be intentional, we set up these amazing systems, we carve out family time, we make goals, and the unexpected still happens. 

There are times when our family night just seems to be one big cry/tantrum party- it can seem pointless- why are we even doing this?  But even in those moments, it is still so important. 

The point is that you are there, loving your kids, sharing God’s love with them. 

So if you are reading through this series and struggling in an area, don’t give up-give yourself some grace and press on.

If being intentional just seems too hard and you are worn out, hit pause and reevaluate the different areas of your life. Sometimes it is hard because we are trying to be present and intentional in too many areas

As I look at my life, I have to constantly be aware of what I am committing to. Where do I need to say yes and where do I need to say no? Take some time today and think about these things and stay tuned for more thoughts on this! 

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