September Goals

My mind is fully in fall mode but the weather is definitely still in summer mode, but September is here and it is time to focus in on some goals. August was such a beautiful month. In fact the summer was a special season that will always be a memorable one for me. 

For so many summers, we were consumed with all things baby related. But this summer, the kids were 2 and up and there was so much more freedom. We were at the beach on Sunday and heard a baby crying down the beach and my husband looked at me and smiled. In an instant, we could remember those moments. I wanted to race down the beach and give the sweet mama a little hug, because eventually the season will change. 

As I look back on this past month, I see moments of growth, blossoms of sweet friendship, and new routines. Let’s review my August goals  before we head into September. 

Summer Reading- Read some good books and look forward to sharing more on them!

Exercise 3 times a week- In complete honesty, this did not happen

Prep and Plan on Sundays- About half and half

Continue to read through Isaiah with Nick- Yay! Going well! 

In Home Date- Love these times

Family Nights- We had a family movie night. 

Family Theme Put Together- I have it all planned out and am sharing it with you! If you have not received your Monthly Intentional Family Kit, sign up here

Finish the Kitchen Cabinets- We ordered the wrong hinges, but we figured out what kind we need! 

This month, I am switching it up and going to have daily, weekly, and monthly goals. This is how Lara Casey’s Powersheets (which I love for goal setting) are set up and typically how I write mine out, so it makes sense to share them this way! 


  1. Prayer and Reading time
  2. Have intentional time with the kids (technology free)
  3. Rest (I can get caught up in my lists and forget to just sit)
  4. Read part of a book 


  1. Plan the week on Sundays
  2. Family night on Tuesdays
  3. Review my goals
  4. Train the puppy to use the bathroom outside (perhaps this is a daily goal). Any wisdom on this? 


  1. Watch one of the Influence classes
  2. Exercise 3 times a week (I just found out about Revelation Wellness podcast and it is a game changer for working out). 
  3. Finish the kitchen cabinets
  4. Date Night

How about you? Do you make goals? If so I would love for you to join  CallieChristinaEmily, and I for With Grit and Grace where we focus on supporting each other as we work towards our goals!

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Just a reminder…

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