I tend to have a love/hate relationship with meal planning. Naturally, I love to be intentional about a good plan, but sitting down and putting one together, following through, and then making the dinners every evening can create some overwhelm in my life. Generally, as the dinner hour approaches, my kids always seem to go into full on crazy mode. Some days it can seem like the greatest struggle ever to get a healthy dinner on the table while managing the little ones.

When I talk to friends who work outside the home, I hear the same struggle with them concerning meal planning. As they race home from work, pick up the kids, the last thing on their minds is trying to fix dinner.

Whether you work outside the home or are a stay-at-home mom, there is a common struggle that many moms face- meal planning.

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In the midst of my meal  planning struggle, I decided to try out Prep Dish. Friends, I have absolutely loved it. It is the thing that I am telling all my friends when we get together.  While I always have been a fan of meal planning, it was so refreshing to receive a healthy meal plan and grocery list in my inbox.  The thought of trying new recipes always sounds appealing, but hunting for the recipes can be time consuming so it was great having a list of new and easy recipes to try.

Instead of spending that hour before dinner struggling to balance the kids and making dinner, I have been able to quickly put the dinner together and have a much calmer pre-dinner time.

If you are like me, you may hesitate to splurge on a meal planning service, but what I have come to realize is that in order to thrive, I have to be willing to accept help. This may come in the form of having someone help with cleaning, babysitting, or meal plan help. Friends, we have to let go of our pride and accept the help when it is there. In different seasons of life, we may need different things.

If you are currently struggling with meal planning, check out Prep Dish. Right now, you can get a month trial for only $4. This will enable you to have healthy meals on your table every night by just prepping for an  hour every week. Gone is the hour every night of meal prep. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Grab your trial here. 

Is meal planning a struggle for you?  What tips help you?

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