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Thank you to Tyndale Rewards for sponsoring this post. 

When I was younger, I read books all the time. If I was not writing in a journal, I had a book in my hand. During high school, I worked at the local library because I just adored books. Now as a mama of three, I still love reading. I love seeing my kids curl up with a book or ask me to read to them.

I know not everyone is a reader, but I think that most of us do love books. Sometimes we just forget the love that we have for them or we don’t think we have the time to read.   My biggest tip for moms who want to read but do not think they have time is to make the time. There is time to read, we just do not always choose to take advantage of the time we have.

Last year, I realized that I had not been reading as much.  I told myself I was just really busy, but then I realized I was lying to myself. There are little pieces of my day that I can choose to pick up a book instead of doing something else. I realized that I had started a habit of picking up my phone instead of picking up a book.

As a challenge to myself, I committed to putting the phone away before bed and picking up a book. It has been amazing to get back into books and I was reminded of how much I love reading. In the middle of my challenge, I was introduced to Tyndale Rewards. It has been the perfect fit for me as I love getting new books, but I do not always want to shell out the money for them. Friends, with Tyndale Rewards you can get FREE BOOKS for yourself, your family, and others! 

Tyndale Rewards is completely free. Once you sign up, you can earn points, without having to make any purchases. You can take a survey, ask an author a question, review an ebook, refer a friend, join a focus group, and more. As you do the different things, you gain points- simple as that! 

Then you can redeem the points for FREE books! 

This is the perfect way to get some new books on your shelf to read and to get some books to share with others. I love the idea of having a basket of books that I can gift to others as a way to encourage or part of a gift. 

If you have not already signed up, use my code here and you will get 25 points to start out! I cannot wait to hear what books you get and how it helps you and your family find the time to read together. 

Tyndale has given me a Gratitude journal to share with you all! It is such a lovely journal and I love the focus of it as it reminds me to choose joy. Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win! 

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