Choosing grace over anger is a natural struggle as a mom. Many times, I find myself in a tug of war of emotions as anger attempts to win over grace.  How do I go about choosing grace when I am constantly bombarded by the struggles of parenting?

A memory of coming home with my arms full of grocery bags always comes to mind as I think of this. My arms were full of grocery bags as I entered the house, and I carefully set the bags down on the kitchen counters. As I was unloading the bags, my oldest came into the kitchen. With eager hands, he started unloading groceries along side of me. Somehow as he picked up the eggs in his earnest way, the egg carton slipped from his little hands and dropped to the floor.

Even though my back was to him, I heard the sound and the soft gasp slip from his lips. Without thinking, I reacted in a less than pleasant way.

The moment the words flew out of my mouth, I wished for them back.

I was not choosing grace in that moment. 

With his big brown eyes looking up at me, he quietly said, “It really was an accident mom. You say we all make mistakes.”

Instantly, I covered him with a hug and apologized for my quick reaction. We moved on our with our day, but that moment has been forever marked in my memory.

I am not sure when I started chasing perfection, but I realized I was in a mighty race for it.  My expectations of myself, my kids, and my husband were only leading to constant frustration. God does not call for us to be perfect and He is constantly pouring His grace upon us. I freely and willingly accept grace daily. Yet, in the every day moments, it can be a great challenge for me to pour this grace onto others.

When my husband forgets something at the store.

My child throwing the tenth tantrum of the day.

A carton of eggs cracked on the floor.

In the unpredictable moments of chaos, it can be difficult to choose grace.  My natural inclination is to respond with anger or frustration, but those reactions do not characterize the life I want to live.

I do not want to live a life full of hurried replies void of grace.

My heart’s desire is for a home that is full of grace for each other and grace for the world.  One of the greatest ways I can share about God, is by showing grace to others.

Learning how we can focus on choosing grace as a parent

As I wake every morning, I am grateful for brand new moments made possible by God’s grace. My hope is show grace more to the one’s I love and the people I come into contact with. In every moment, we all have a choice. When our day is not turning out how we expect, when plans fall through, when the eggs fall to the ground: are we choosing grace?

How about you? Do you struggle with choosing grace over anger? 

One of my favorite books to help with this struggle is Count to Nine: Nine Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger. This book is a must read for moms!

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  1. Good post! I was just thinking today: if I would be recorded all they long, and I would have to listen it back – would I’ve been proud of myself? Probably not. There’s sooo much to learn for me about responding with more peace, without frustration – calm, firm sometimes, but kind. Thank you for the encouragement to choose grace!

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