Have you ever struggled to find quiet time? As a mama, life is full of so many noises that the thought of quiet time seems next to impossible. Can you relate to this? I definitely can and am excited to have Sarah here to encourage us!

First, let me remind you of a special 7-day devotional series.

This email devotional series will include Scripture, inspiration, and Mama Mantras to keep you balanced throughout your day.  We’ll also include a beautiful printable of the Mama Mantras for you to use as a visual reminder!

The Balanced Perspective Team


Ruthie, from Rear Release Regroup, is a momma to grown children and mentors moms to capture joy in each parenting transition. 

Sarah, from Sarah E Frazer,  is a mother of four little ones (one adopted) and invites you to study God’s Word in your ordinary day. 

Keri, from Keri Lynn Snyder,  is a momma of three who believes being intentional and choosing joy is a choice we get to make each day.

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Now onto Sarah’s encouragement: 

Ok, when they hand you that sweet little baby for the first time in the hospital, I think there should be a pamphlet entitled “Things to Know.” Here are a few I would put in it:

  1. All of the overwhelming emotions are normal.
  2. Don’t worry if he/she doesn’t poop in two or three days. A week is when you should be worried.
  3. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Yes, do it.
  4. No, you will not have a “ton of free” time with a new baby.

That last one should have been a no-brainer for me. But as a new momma, I thought for sure I would get SO MUCH done as a stay-at-home mom…..nope. I still did all of our laundry on Saturdays when my husband was home, struggling to make dinner each night, and falling asleep in the afternoon with the baby. My “quiet time” was nonexistent. It was a rude awaking to have to care for someone ALL DAY LONG. The things I loved to do were pushed to the side. At first I was ok with it. Until my quiet time was one of the things I pushed aside. Suddenly I felt out of touch from God and spiritually I was became dry.

In the dry season, I became so thirsty, but also discouraged because I couldn’t figure out when or how to find time to meet with God. I felt like I was tired all of the time and this little human took up ALL of my “extra time.” I can’t remember what exactly changed, only I knew something needed to change. Maybe it was when I was so irritable and crying all of the time, but I remember just starting small.  Read the rest of this post here

How to find quiet time when life is so loud

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