When I first started blogging, I did so as a way to to document our life for family out of state. Over time, I started to focus more on encouraging moms and realized I was starting to love blogging. What started as a hobby has evolved into a ministry and job for me.

Sometimes, I think about blogging and wonder why on earth am I doing this? It seems so random, but then it really is not. Looking back I remember always having a love for writing and encouraging others. I was constantly writing in journals, creating stories, and sending notes of encouragement to friends. Blogging really is a combination of the things I love.

There are many reasons why I love blogging, but four main ones are what I constantly remember. If you are a blogger, I think you may be able to connect and if you are not, these points will still encourage you in a different way.

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4 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Creative Outlet-

Every mama needs a creative outlet. One of my dearest friends recently started a cookie business and it has been amazing to watch her blossom through this. You can see her shine and know she is doing what she was called to do. Mamas, we all have different passions and just because you are a mom does not mean you need to ignore these. You can find a way to be a mama and do what you love.


Through my time at Bible college, I discovered my love for women’s ministry. While I am involved in local church ministry, it has been incredible to view my writing as a ministry as well. We each are going to have different ministries. When I read The Nester’s book the Nesting Place I felt so encouraged to embrace the imperfections of my home- she has such a beautiful ministry through home decor. When we think outside of the box with ministry, we are able to see how everyone’s gifts can be used.


Ever since I went on missions trips in high school, I started to crave a bigger worldview. I knew I did not want to be limited to my small town, but also be aware of the world around me. Social media and blogs have connected me with some amazing women. I love connecting with new bloggers and creative business women who are such inspirations to me. I even reconnected with a friend from college thanks to blogging.

Financial Help-

Never in a million years did I think that a blog would help our finances but here we are and it is happening. I have always had a desire to stay home with my kids but in doing so, we do need to make sacrifices and the extra money is extremely beneficial to us. It has been great to see how a creative outlet can also help fill the gaps in the budget.

Why I love blogging and you may too!

I could go on and on about all of the reasons why I love blogging, but these are the top four. Once I decided to be serious about blogging, I knew there was a lot I needed to know. One of the blogger’s I had regularly been following was Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog, so when she released her book, Building a Framework, I bought it immediately.

Building a Framework helped me get going as a blogger and I still refer to it for help with different things. Abby just released an updated version of the book and it is now a course! I started going through it last night as a refresher and absolutely love it! The layout is easy to use and you can move through the course at your own pace. My plan is to do a little every week. If you are struggling with blogging, a new blogger, or just want to refresh your blog, definitely check out this course. You will not be disappointed.

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What about you? Why do you love blogging? If you are not a blogger, what is it that you do that you love? What are your creative outlets? 

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4 comments on “4 Reasons Why I Love Blogging”

  1. Yes to all of those reasons! I reconnected with a dear friend from junior high that I never would have crossed paths with except for blogging, and it’s been such a wonderful thing to rekindle our friendship.

    I feel like blogging helped me to find my "voice" as an adult. I knew I loved being home but never dreamed of the opportunities blogging would give me to encourage women in their lives as wives and mothers. It has been the greatest unexpected blessing of my life!

    • I love that so much Whitney! Isn’t it amazing how it works? You definitely have such a gift and are an encouragement to so many!

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