Tomorrow is our first day of school so I have been doing my best to get organized for school.  As many moms can relate, my mind is full of a mixture of wishing summer would last, being excited for the school year, and endless lists of what to buy. 

Over the past three years of being a mama of a school aged child, I have learned how important it is to get organized for school.  Starting the school year off with these five organization methods in place, will help your school year be much smoother!

5 Tips to Get Organized for School

Landing Zone

I am all about creating landing zones in our house. A landing zone is a home for a specific item. When you create landing zones and follow through with using them, there is less clutter and less wondering where your keys are.

Create a landing zone for your kids book bags. This will help relieve so much stress, because no mama likes tripping over book bags. I love to use what I have to create landing zones, so look around your house. What can you use?  

Put the landing zone in a practical area. Our book bags get hung up on the hooks by the front door. It makes sense because that is right where they walk in.

After School Snacks

Kids come home from school  hungry! What are some snacks you can have on hand for them? What are some snacks you can easily send with them to take the after school care? While you are out buying pencils and book bags, also pick up some good after school snack options.

You can even take time on the weekend, to prepare some after school snacks. Cut up some vegetables and have them ready in the fridge with hummus, make some cookies ahead of time, stock up on granola bars for the cabinet.  Read the other three tips over at Stefanie’s blog

It is such an honor to be sharing in her space today. Stefanie and I connected earlier this year and her joy is just overflowing. I love following along with her Instagram and seeing her adorable kids on there. 

How to get organized for school- best tips for moms



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