About Keri

Hello sweet friend!  I’m Keri and I am so very happy that you are here!

I’m here to walk alongside you and contend for the grace that inhabits your life, dripping right down to the moments we walk in. The messy, chaotic moments. The screaming babies. The potty-training toddlers. The moments you look in the mirror after a long, draining day and don’t recognize yourself.

Because I believe being intentional and choosing joy is a choice we get to make each day. 

How do we cultivate an intentional life in our homes, families, and as a mother?

These are the things we will explore here. I will share the practical tips, encouragement for your weary heart, and cheer you on as you fight for the centering, boundless joy that is only found in Jesus.

I am truly passionate about creating an intentional life and helping others to do the same. Within this space I will share tips for an intentional home, family, and motherhood.

Wondering a little more about who I am? Here are 10 facts that will help you get to know me. 

1 While I live in the south, I grew up in Michigan.

It has been a huge change moving from the mid-west to the the south. As much as I miss some things about Michigan, Charleston really is a lovely city and quickly has become my home.

2 My husband and I met in West Virginia.

My original plan was to go serve in an orphanage in Mexico for a year after high school. Things fell through so then I decided to go to community college as I figured out what to do. Then the summer after graduation, I went with my youth group on a whitewater rafting trip to West Virginia. We stayed at a small Bible college and I felt God calling me to go to school there. You can imagine my parents eyes when I told them. They supported me and just a couple months later dropped me off at Bible college in the mountains. Talk about culture shock! Entering into an extremely conservative Bible college and leaving my beloved town to enter a small mountain town was eye opening. While the college was not what I expected, I ended up meeting Nick at a local church and the rest is history.

3 I eat popcorn almost every night. 

This fact always cracks people up, but it is the truth. I have always loved popcorn. Then when I was pregnant with my first, I became obsessed with it. I use a Whirley Pop to make the popcorn and add a little salt. It is perfection.

4 When I was little, I wrote all the time. 

At first, I was shocked by how much I loved blogging, but then it made sense. I was always writing stories in my room growing up. It was my favorite thing to do besides reading.

5 Organization is one of my favorite things. 

I have always loved an organized space and have sought it even more since having kids. I have been learning how to keep things simple and purge the extra clutter to create clean space for us.

6 I love a good craft. 

Whether it is being creative with the kids or trying out a project from Pinterest, I love it all. There is something so inspiring about breaking out the crafts to free your mind from stress.

7 Last year I self-published my first book. 

I never would have thought I would write and self-publish a book, but it happened! It was a fun process and I learned a lot.

8 I have never been to Disney. 

While this did not seem too shocking growing up in Michigan, being in the south it is more of a shocker. It seems like everyone is constantly going there. In all honesty, I would rather go to the beach or camping (or both with some campgrounds). Of course, we plan to go to Disney in the future, but for now give me camping.

9 Planners are my favorite thing. 

There was a year that I bought far too many planners. This past year, I found the Simplified Planner and absolutely love it. I have not bought another planner since.

10 I am a recovering perfectionist. 

Motherhood has revealed my tendency towards perfectionism. It has been a journey to overcome this and let go of perfection.

What Now? 

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