The first day of Advent was yesterday  and there is still time to decide on a good Advent study or plan for you and your family. It really does not matter when you start- you could jump in December 23rd, because the point is that you are deciding to focus on remembering the reason for the season. In all of the busy things we do during this season, it is so good to slow down and rest. Lately, the word rest has been on my mind more than ever and this Advent season, that is exactly what I intend to do- rest.

Friends, less is always more. Below is a list of some great resources for Advent. As you browse this list, pick one thing. Do not attempt to do it all, because that is not necessary and you will end up resenting the season and frustrated. Pick one or even combine two and then set forth with a restful mindset in place. 

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Options for the Family

1. The Jesse Tree- We will be focusing on this as a family this year! I will definitely be sharing more about it. I participated in an ornament swap to prepare for this. The Jesse Tree is good for elementary aged children.  Read more here

2. Truth in the Tinsel- This is the perfect option for a family who has kids who love to create. I did this when my kids were between the ages of 3-6 years old and we always really enjoyed it. In order to make things easier, I set up a swap party with friends ahead of time. At the party, we brought our ornaments for one specific day and then swapped. You left with a bag for each day that contained the items you would need to prepare that ornament. 

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3. Star from Afar- This is a new tradition for our family and we already have been loving playing with the nativity. I really like how this idea encourages kids to seek Jesus as they search for the star. The nativity set is perfect for little ones to play with as well. Read more here

4. Shepherd on a Search- While we have not tried this yet, it seems like a wonderful idea! It is very similar to the Elf and a great way to put the focus on Jesus. Read more here

5. The Giving Manger- I absolutely love the focus of this. During a time when so much focus is on gifts, this is a great way to turn our kids eyes onto others.  Read more here. 

6. Light em’ Up- If you want to focus on acts of service this year, you need to check out this idea. Courtney Defeo is one of my favorite bloggers as she shares such amazing resources for families. Read more here

7.  The Elf- While the Elf does get a lot of hate from some, I have to say that I choose to see the good in him. You can easily incorporate the Elf into your own traditions! We have an Elf and he usually hides (never anywhere too clever) and the kids find him. Sometimes he has a little note, a Bible verse, or a treat. It has become a fun tradition for our family. I allow my kids to play with him and we have a lot of fun with our little guy. All of this to say, do not get stuck in a box when it comes to a tradition. Many times we just need to think a little and we can figure out how to use something. Read more here

8. Intentional Christmas Cards- These cards are naturally one of our favorites and born out of my search to find a way to create meaningful and intentional moments as a family. Use code GIVETHANKS to get 10% off (ends Monday, November 28th at midnight EST). Read more here. 

Options for the mama? 

What about you? What resources does your family use to celebrate advent? 

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