I love being a part of affiliate programs because I love telling people about the products I am loving.  If you have a blog, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, or even email on a regular basis and you love these products, I suggest you become an affiliate.

You will make 50% of the sale of any referral using your affiliate link!

How to Sign Up: 

  1. Set up an account with Gumroad.
  2. Email me (hello@kerilynnsnyder.com) your Gumroad email.
  3. I will add you and you will get an email from Gumroad with your link!

Where To Use Your Affiliate Link:

-Write a review of one of my products on your blog. Every time you mention the item, link to it with your affiliate code!

-Use the affiliate link in an Instagram post!

-Post a picture on your Facebook page of your kids doing their summertime activities and use your affiliate link.

-Put a button with the affiliate link in your sidebar.

– Print off the Summer Guide and take pics of you using it.

Think of natural ways you can incorporate the products using your affiliate link into your blog posts and social media posts. Don’t spam your friends, but if you are going to talk about it anyways, you may as well make a few dollars, right? Important: Please make sure to disclose that it is an affiliate link!!! 


Your payment will come directly from Gumroad once a month.

If you would like to use an image for promotion, here are some to use. 

A Mom’s Guide to Thriving During the Summer

Download and Print the Cover HERE.

Prepare for Summer with these tips!

Thriving Mom’s Bundle (Includes Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive + A Mom’s Guide to Thriving During the Summer)

Medium Rectangle Ad

Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive (on Gumroad and also Amazon)