Are you looking for fun activities for your kids this summer?

You will love the At-Home Summer Camp Kit!

24 Weeks of Themed Fun + a Weekly Family Devotional

The At-Home Summer Camp Kit Includes:

  • 24 Weeks of Themed Activities
  • Each week there are 5 activities, 1 snack idea, and a family night activity. 
  • Weekly Family Devotional + Verse Cards


  • Conversation Cards
  • Themed Reading Bingo Cards
  • 24 Coloring Place Mats
  • Summer Camp Banner
  • Printable Journal (can be personalized with your child’s name!)
  • Easy Summer Meals Ideas

With the At-Home Summer Camp Kit, you will be given activities for 24 weeks. It is designed so that you can do an activity a day. 

Kids do not need minute by minute plans. Giving them time to play on their own and be creative is good. 

With this kit, you can have fun with your kids with daily activities!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by trying to do everything, you and your kids will look forward to the planned fun each day! 

Hello! My name is Keri and I am a mom to three kids, ages 13, 10, and 8. 

I have been a mom for 13 years. There was a summer earlier on where I tried to do all the things with my kids. We had so many activities planned for that summer. It resulted in burnout and exhaustion. 

What I learned is that there can be balance. 

It is good to have a plan but every moment does not and should not be planned for. 

I have found a good rhythm that works well is to have 1 planned activity a day. This combined with screen time, reading time, and free play has resulted in summer days I actually enjoy! 

The At-Home Summer Camp Kit was designed with this concept in mind. It takes away the stress of planning and gives you a fun plan for the summer!

What are the 24 themes included?

Get your kit today for $17! This is normally $27. It is cheaper than sending your kids to camp and you will create lasting memories right at home together!

Hear what these moms say:

“This bundle of activities is going to be SO HELPFUL for our family this summer! Keri was so attentive to detail, making sure every week has doable activities with a fun theme that are easy for me to set up, but that are also still fun and adventurous for my kiddos. This is a great resource if you are looking for things to help keep your kids busy and having fun at home this summer!” 

– Mauri from The American Patriette

“I cannot wait to dive into the At-Home Summer Camp Kit! It has everything I need to provide my kids with a little joy to structure and learning this summer. My family thrives in routines, so the weekly format of this kit provides the perfect amount of structure to our days! Definitely a must for moms who want to create a meaningful summer with their kids but do not have the time or resources to come up with it all on their own.”

– Jaclyn from Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams