Christmas cards, endless parties, shopping bags, wrapping paper, and so much more can quickly equal Christmas burnout. We want to do all the things during the season, but often end up over frustrated and craving the fresh New Year over relishing in the present season.

In the years past, I have entered into mid-December exhausted and desperately seeking calm in the middle of my Christmas burnout. My heart desires to be intentional but exhaustion takes control and instead of savoring the holidays, I am running through them frantically.

This year, I am determined to avoid the burnout. My heart and mind want the calm and peace this Christmas. Can you relate to this? If so, I think you will enjoy these quick tips below.

Make a plan.

What activities do you want to do this season? There are always specific activities that I want to commit to during Christmastime, so I make a list.  After I make the list, I divide the list into top priority. From there, I was able to look at our calendar and write down when we will do the things.

I have found that if I do not schedule the activities, they do not happen. As you start to schedule your activities, you are also more aware of the time you do have. You may want to do a huge list of Christmas things but when you look at your time available, you realize it is not going to happen. This is when you stick to what the priority is. Do those things and keep the rest as “maybes.”

Keep it simple.

As you make your plan, keep in mind your current season. When we had a newborn, we kept things super simple. Even now, I still function better on having more open space than constant activity.

Sometimes this means saying no to activities in order to ensure an overall calm for everyone. Remember, it is okay to say no to things, even when the things may be really good things. You may be in a season of doing less, embrace that and know it is okay.

Group your tasks together.

This is something that I have started doing in my every day life and it easily applies to the Christmas season. I make my list for the day and then highlight the items I am going to focus on first. I will usually look through the list and find the quickest tasks first and get those over with so I can cross some items off. Instead of hopping around from task to task, I feel more focused when I approach things this way.

How to avoid Christmas Burnout

You do not have to do it all.

Repeat with me friends, because it can be an easy one to get lost in. I can quickly fall into the “do more” mentality where I want to accomplish every meaningful Christmas activity. I cannot do it all and neither can you.  Find your things this Christmas and focus on those, friends.

Be aware of potential burnout.

Keeping an alert mindset will help you to avoid falling into Christmas burnout. When I am aware, I am able to recognize that I am starting to fall into the crazy cycle. Whenever I start to feel myself leaning towards burnout, I force myself to slow down. Sometimes it may mean staying home instead of going to the play date or buying cookies instead of baking them. Know your limits and keep your ears open to what your heart is telling you.

Give yourself grace.

You all know I am all about heaping on the grace. We all need grace, whether it is Christmas or not. It is easy to build up Christmas into this picture of anticipated perfection. Truth is that it will not be perfect. There will be crying children, awkward family moments, and burned cookies. Choose grace in these moments, because these are moments where we can teach so much to our children.

How about you? Do you have tips to avoid burnout during Christmas or any season?

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