As a blogger, I am constantly learning and growing and sharing tips for blogging. Whether it is over coffee with a friend or via an email, it is fun to chat blogging and share about the ups and downs.

One thing I do know is how overwhelming blogging can be. Many who start diving into blogging can quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated. However, there are a few tips for blogging that I have learned that can help you not be won by the overwhelm. Even if you are not a blogger, I think you can look at these tips and apply them to any area of life.

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Know your why.

Whenever I get frustrated with blogging or writing, I go back to my why. Why do I write? Why do I blog? Knowing my why keeps me focused and helps me to let go of all the little things. Take a minute and sit down and write out your why.

Engage in community.

We need each other and are not meant to do life alone. One of the biggest and sweetest surprises from blogging has been the community. Take time to read other blogs (Bloglovin is a great tool to help with this), comment on their posts or social media. Community does not just magically appear, it takes intentional effort to create it. If you are feeling alone, be the one to step out and start creating community. Ask a fellow blogger if they would want to start a blogging mastermind group together and ask them to think of a couple other people. There you go- instant community being built!

Focus on a little at a time.

One of the biggest temptations with blogging, and anything really, is to bounce around from one thing to the next. Instead of being focused, we hop around unfocused and scattered which results in little accomplishment. When I started seriously blogging, I read Building a Framework and literally went through it step by step. It helped me stay focused. Now, I make a list and organize it by what I want to accomplish first.

Be you.

There is only one you out there, so be yourself! You do not have to follow every “blogging rule.” You do not have to post on Facebook because so and so does. Figure out what you want to do and what your focus is going to be and then do those things. People will connect with you because you are being unique and not trying to be someone else.

Always be open to learning.

In the world of blogging, there is always something to be learning. I am constantly signing up for webinars and reading books on blogging. If you want to be intentional, then make the effort to keep learning.

There are countless tips that I could share on blogging, but these are my top five that I tend to always share right away with others. What would you add to this list? 

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