As a mama to elementary aged boys, I decided to put together the top ten gifts for elementary aged boys (with the help and inspiration from my sons). If you are hunting for a gift for an elementary aged boy, I hope this gift guide will provide some direction for you!

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10 Gifts for Elementary Aged Boys: 

(1) Imaginext Figures- My son loves his Batcave and is constantly adding to his Imaginext figure collection. We keep all the figures in a large bin and they are definitely a favorite. If your son is more into knights, he will love the Imaginext Castle.

(2) Army Men Such a classic toy that you can never go wrong with! Get a bucket of these for your boys and they will have tons of fun creating their own world!

(3) Board Games- Currently, my son is loving Monopoly Jr, Guess Who, and Battleship.

(4) Pokemon Cards Pokemon is everywhere and these cards are a favorite thing to collect.


(5) Lego Sets- Depending the interest of the boy, there is a variety of Lego sets. We have a mixture of Superhero, Star Wars, and Nexto Knights.

(6) Notebook of Doom Series This book series skyrocketed my son’s interest in reading last year. They are beginner chapter books and perfect for a boy to dive into.

(7) The Action Bible– We have loved reading through this Bible with our son. It is perfect for boys!

(8) Skylander’s Imaginators Skylander’s are definitely a favorite over here and I do love how interactive the game is. Imaginators is the newest Skylander’s game. I recommend starting with the Starter Pack which is available for the different systems.

(9) Cold Case Christianity for Kids We loved reading through this and it is perfect for an elementary aged boy.  There is a sense of mystery and plenty of truth to fill their minds with.

(10) Magnetic Blocks These are really fun to build with. We started out with this set and plan to add to the collection this year.  Our kids spend hours building with these and learning what works and what does not.

My son loves playing with a little bit of everything and I love to keep a variety in our home! Another fun gift idea is to ask for a subscription for a magazine (we love Ranger Rick) or membership to a local attraction (zoo, aquarium, museum, etc).

What would you add to this list? 

The best gifts for elementary age boys

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