One thing I have loved doing this year is looking back at what is bringing me joy every month. There is something so powerful about choosing to pick out the good in every day life. It really will change your entire attitude.

Mom’s Life

I have the joy of helping with a ministry for moms at our church. We meet one evening a month and it is a time of fellowship and encouragement. This month, my friend Sarah shared about finding our joy in God first because when we do this, we are seeking that which does not change. I have learned this truth in my own life as I have walked through challenging times and it is so key. While I do love to count my blessings, I do so with a mindset that it could all be taken from me. Last fall when my husband and I walked through a challenging season, it seemed like everything was stripped away from us. There I saw my need for God so plainly and I was reminded of the truth in finding joy in Him. So when the days are hard, when it seems like nothing is going right,  we can turn our eyes back to God and reflect on who He is and find joy in that.


I love the holiday season and have been having so much fun preparing for the season. Even though I know December 31st will come and I will be ready to get my house back to normal, right now I am savoring the Christmas decor sprinkled about our home.


We were recently given some rain boots from London Littles for my daughter to try. They are seriously the cutest ever. Living in South Carolina we have zero need for snow boots, but rain boots are a necessity. When it rains, it rains hard. I often joke that I turned my snow boots in for rain boots. She is loving the freedom in being able to put on her boots herself and run around in them. Plus the color and adorable pattern are perfection. If you are looking for a cute gift for a little one, definitely check out London Littles.

Toddler Rainboots- Favorite Toddler Rainboots


I know I am probably really late to the party on this one, but I am loving Spotify playlists. Having music playing during the day fills my soul with so much joy. I have loved being able to put together some different playlists.  One of my go-to lists is my worship one.

Friend’s Shop

I love, love, love when I see a woman using her gifts well! My friend Cindy is an amazing seamstress. She has been in a season of waiting as she was trying to find a job while her son is now in school. However, doors kept closing. I finally encouraged her to do something with her sewing, and ta-da her shop was born! She sells the most beautiful bowl cozies.  We have a set and my husband loves to use them for his oatmeal. They make amazing teacher gifts as well.

In celebration of Cindy’s shop opening, we are doing a giveaway for one of her bowl cozies over on Instagram

Friends, so often we ignore or downplay our gifts. We think others have shops or blogs so the world does not need one more added to the mix. Here’s the truth- the world needs you because you are going to reach and connect people that I do not.  

I am so excited to join the hosts of Five Things Friday, make sure to check out their lovely blogs.

The Hosts: Hall Around Texas / Our Pretty Little Girls / Wife Mommy Me

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Make sure to share what is bringing you joy in the comments below!

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