Optimism is natural to me and I can tend to be a tad bit of a Pollyanna, so when I saw Beth hosted a link party about sharing what is bringing you joy, I knew I wanted to jump in. Something amazing happens when you focus on the good. suddenly, you realize there is so much that is bringing you joy.


I love doing preschool at home with my kids, but all of the planning sends me into stress mode. I find myself focused way too much on that and loosing the joy. Then, my friend introduced me to The Peaceful Preschool, and it is bringing me joy.   There is a weekly grid you can print off and everything is so simple. You can download everything for A week to try it out here. Let me know what you think!  We also started doing letter baskets after seeing Ashley sharing about them. As I was putting it together, my oldest wanted to help by adding an amphibian… definitely made me laugh because what toddler will know what that is?!

Launch Team

It is no secret that I love reading and books. I love when I get to join with a favorite author’s launch team. Recently, I signed up to be a part of Jamie Ivey’s launch team. I love her podcast The Happy Hour and so I am really looking forward to reading her book. They are closing the sign ups for the launch team after this weekend, so if you are interested, sign up here.


As I have been focusing more on being present in the every day moments, I have been loving afternoons. Usually every afternoon after we have snack and the boys chill for a few, we head outside. There is something so wonderful about the late afternoon outside. Sounds perfect? Well it is not. Usually, someone ends up crying, arguments happen, and chaos surrounds. However, I am still able to find joy in these moments which is a new gift for me.

Memory Jars

At the end of last year, I launched a simple product in my shop called a Memory Jar. The idea is that you use the jar throughout the year, adding slips of paper with memories written on them. Then at the end of the year, you open the jar to reflect. Lately, I have had some orders for the Memory Jar for birthday parties and funerals. It brings me so much joy, and humbles me, to be provided the opportunity to care for families in such a small way. I love that by just sending out a jar with a few other items can help encourage others to focus on gratitude.

Fall Decor

Even though it may not feel like fall here and the leaves do not really change, I am getting into the fall mindset. Last Friday, my sister and I had a craft night and made welcome signs for our front doors. Then I found some mums at Aldi and set them out. The little touches of fall make me so excited for all of the holiday decorating. I am so tempted to add in some pumpkins but I have learned my lesson on putting pumpkins out here too early when it is still hot… hello shrunken pumpkin covered in ants.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Share what is bringing you joy  in the comments below! Let’s choose to find the good in every day moments!

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