Running Errands with a Little One

Running errands as a mama are inevitable. They have to happen. It makes sense for me to run errands when my boys are in school, as I just have my toddler daughter with me. However, all mamas know that running errands with a toddler is not always the easiest task. 

After a particularly challenging excursion, I decided it was time to implement some change. I knew it was the most practical to run errands with one child versus three, so I just needed to figure out a better game plan. 

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Intentional Family Christmas

Every year when Christmas starts to fill the air, I get all sorts of ideas on how to be intentional as a family. The lists are written, activities pinned, and schedules get way too overcrowded. Many times, instead of having the intentional family time that I crave, we end up worn out and tired.  Last […] Read more…

Your Challenge

Over the course of this series, I have dived into the idea of an intentional Christmas and now at the end, want to share a challenge. As I shared about being intentional, a main theme has been the underlying grace that rests at the core.  Friends, we can throw ourselves full force into some incredible […] Read more…

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