Sitting down, I looked at the week ahead and started to feel the overwhelm enter my soul. There were so many activities, commitments, and obligations. Every evening seemed to  be filled with something. This is life as a mom of three, I thought to myself. Yet, deep down I wondered if it had to be that way.  Do we have to accept the busy life? Or is there something else? 

Our days are so busy. We fill every moment to the brim.  We run wearily from one activity to another convinced that each is necessary and of greatest importance. By the end of the week, we crash and take a deep breath before entering into a hectic weekend. Our souls crave something quieter, smaller, but we convince ourselves that is unrealistic. 

Friends, the quiet life does not have to be unrealistic. What if we choose to be different? What if instead of rushing we choose to rest? What if instead of filling our schedule until it almost explodes, we choose to leave space?

Doesn’t space to rest, to put your feet up, to reflect sound like a breath of fresh air. If you think it is like grasping for an unreachable dream, I challenge you to alter your mindset. Rest is possible for everyone.  We do not have to accept busy as the norm for our families. Are you ready to choose rest with me?

When you imagine rest, what does it look like to you?

Write this down. Now determine how you will find this rest. Do you need to cut some things out in order to rest?

Friends, families need to rest. We need time to sit and breath together. Time to reflect on our weeks.

For some rest is found on the weekends, for others it is found on a Monday or a Thursday. Wherever it is, make sure that you are finding it together. Carve out the time of rest as a family. Teach your children what it looks like to rest.

As you are reading this, take some time after to determine when your rest will be and then do it, friends. Cherish the beauty of the rest and let the hurry and hustle be a distant memory. 


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