Last week, we decided to break up the regular routines of school with a fun Christmas after school snack. It was not anything fancy, but I am learning that my kids do not need elaborate or fancy.  Kids love it when you make something special as it then makes them feel special.

When we entered into the school years, I quickly realized how fast time flies by. I went from having my son around all the time to more limited time. I knew that I wanted to make the time we do have together count, so I have been looking for simple ways to create meaningful moments together.

One way is Wednesday after school snack time. With Wednesday being half way through the week, we love to break out a little special treat as a way to celebrate. It is always something super simple. It may be cookies I baked earlier or donuts from the store.

Simple Christmas after school snack, hot chocolate snack, Christmas treat

With it being the Christmas season, I knew I wanted to surprise the kids with a simple Christmas after school snack. I remembered we had three Santa mugs from the dollar store, and decided it was time to do a little hot chocolate snacking.

While my daughter napped, I put a hot chocolate packet and candy cane in each mug and set them on the table. When the boys returned from school, the mugs were sitting on the table ready for them. Their excitement was contagious.

We had such a fun time talking about their day while drinking hot chocolate. Since then, we have been having regular after school hot cocoa in the mugs. It has been a simple way to connect after school.

Friends, I share this to remind you that creating meaningful moments with our kids does not have to be complicated. We can use a box of hot chocolate packets and dollar store mugs to create a magical afternoon. Anyone can do this!

Simple Christmas after school snack, hot chocolate snack, Christmas treat

Simple After School Snack

Supplies Needed:

  • Christmas Mugs
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Candy Canes (optional)

Prepare the cocoa packets in the mugs and wait to surprise your kids! If any of your kids are like one of mine, they may prefer “warm” chocolate over hot (clearly he just wants chocolate milk).

Take some time this week to connect with your kids. It does not have to be over hot chocolate. You choose your simple thing and do it!

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