At the beginning of a new year, I always feel the need to clear the clutter from my home. As I take down the Christmas decorations, I always work on bringing back a sense of simplicity to our home. This year, I am so excited to share with you the Clear the Clutter Challenge. I will be joining two other bloggers, Kate and Jaclyn with this challenge.

We know how hard and overwhelming it can be to get organized and our goal is to help you in 2018. We are kicking off the challenge by tackling one space each week throughout the month of January and then moving to one space each month for the remainder of the year.

Meet Your Hosts of Clear the Clutter Challenge:

Clear the Clutter Link Up

Jaclyn Musselman // Kate Cushman // Keri Snyder

If you are a blogger…

We would love for you to join our link up with your own post up of your organized space. The link up will be posted on the dates specified.

Clear the Clutter Challenge and Link Party, Organization Challenge

Not a blogger?

That’s okay! We still want you to be a part of this challenge and share your organized space by posting a picture in our Facebook group or by using the hashtag #cleartheclutterchallenge and tagging us on Instagram.

Each week we will be selecting our favorite organized space to share on our blogs. One will come from the link up itself (bloggers that means you’ll get a link back) and the second one will come from the Facebook group.

The Facebook group is a community to help each other get organized. We know how daunting the task can be, so we want to work together! It will be a place to ask questions or for suggestions on getting your home organized. Your hosts will also be sharing tips and behind the scenes of our own space.  Request to join the Facebook group HERE.

Organization is one of my favorite things. I have learned that my family thrives when we have an organized home. Another thing I have learned is that everyone has a different style of organization.  Do not compare your method to someone else. We can learn from each other and glean tips and ideas.  However, in the end you have to do what works best for your family.

The challenge kicks off next Monday! Make sure you are following each of us on Instagram as we will be doing some behind the scenes stories as well!

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23 comments on “Clear the Clutter Challenge”

  1. Im going to declutter my stuffs this week. Lets see how im able to succeed. This challenge will hwlp me to do it perfect.

  2. This came at just the right moment for me. I have been contemplating organizing the whole house for a while and this seems easy enough to follow along with that I might actually get it done.

  3. I love this so much! I saw Jaclyn mention this last week on her blog and I can’t wait to follow along! We’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks to declutter our home, so looking forward to even more inspiration here!

  4. I’m looking forward to joining you guys on this journey! I’ve learned that less is definitely more and that getting a grip on the clutter (both physical and mental) can work wonders on your life! Happy New Year!

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