A couple of years ago, I carved out a space in our house for a command center, and it has become essential to our home organization. Just browsing command centers on Pinterest, can send you into organization overload or joy, depending on your personality. When you think about command centers, it is important to remember that everyone has a different organization style.

Personally, I gravitate towards the DIY style as it is budget friendly and I love a good craft.  I know that many times we can look at Pinterest and get overwhelmed with all the things. There are countless items that we can buy to create the perfect space, however many times we can achieve the same look with items we already have.

As you think about your command center, ask yourself two questions to start off:

Decide on a location.

Obviously, you want your command center to be in a central location of the home. Ours is in the kitchen. The best part of command centers is that you can utilize wall space for them.

What key parts will be in your command center?

Think about what your command center needs to hold and write down these things. Everyone will want to put different things in their command centers, but generally there are a few basic things you will want to include.

Learn how to put together a simple command center to help your home stay organized.

What to put in command center:

Mini Whiteboard

I painted a frame and added cute paper to create a whiteboard. On this I write monthly to do’s for our family.

2 Mini Clipboards

One holds verse printables from my book, and another holds any upcoming invitations or important reminders.

Long Painted Board

The board was painted white and adds some dimension to the area. I have two favorite quotes on this for inspiration. A mini clipboard was nailed to the board and holds our library receipt and/or grocery coupons (I am not an extreme couponer so this suffices). There is a little box at the bottom that I created out of an oatmeal box and it holds restaurant coupons (many pizza ones here).

Dry Erase Menu Board

Meal planning is extremely important in our home, so this board holds our general plan! I am a little obsessed with creating my own dry erase boards using frames. Dry erase is the best, because when plans change, you can quickly erase.

2 Large Clipboards

These are for the boys since they are both in school. As all mamas of school aged kids know, we get those papers that you reference a lot or field trip reminders or book charts. This is where I clip those. It has been a great spot to keep them central, but not cluttered.

Shelf with Quote & Pen Jar

Keep pens/dry erase markers close by! You will not regret this.

Learn how to make a command center for your home


*** I do not have a calendar on the same wall, it is actually right on the opposite side. Due to the small kitchen, the command center sits on the wall by the laundry and right around the corner is my calendar.

In addition to the command center, I have 3 important files that sit on a counter nearby and I will be sharing about these next week!

This is what is working for our family, in our current season. It is simple yet focused enough for us. As you can see, many of the items were re-purposed frames, basic clip boards painted, or wood painted.

What about you? Do you have a command center? If so, what does it hold? If you have any comments or questions please leave them below!

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  1. LOVE how this turned out Keri! It looks SO good. I’m a huge fan of clipboards and love how you incorporated them. Also, I agree with you about aligning your organizational style with your system.

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