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Christmas cookies are exactly the tool that you need when you think about community. It may sound simple or silly, but a plate of cookies can open up many doors.  A couple years ago, I decided to host a cookie exchange. Eagerly, I invited tons of people as I guessed only a few would come.  When 20+ women showed up the night of the cookie exchange, you can imagine my surprise! Our little house was packed full of friends and neighbors and my table was completely covered with an array of cookies. It was overwhelmingly wonderful and I had to laugh how cookies had brought about the community. 

There are endless ways to serve and connect with others using cookies, but here are three favorites for the Christmas season. 

1. Host a cookie exchange. There are many different ways that you can host a cookie exchange and it can be as simple or elaborate as you want. The general idea is that you invite a bunch of people to bake cookies and bring them over to exchange! Typically, it is encouraged for people to make about 2-4 dozen cookies, depending on how many people are attending. Everyone fills their plate with the cookies others brought and leave with an assortment of new cookies! 

2. Invite friends over to bake cookies. Baking with others is always more fun than baking alone. My sister and I love having a baking night in Christmas preparation. You can either all make the same cookie or invite them to bring their own recipes to make. 

3. Make cookies with your kids and deliver them to others. It is always messy but I love baking with my kids. It is something they love and incorporating giving the cookies to others is a great way to encourage them to think of others. 

Cookies are the perfect tool to open the door to community. What are some ways you can serve and connect with others? 

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