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Cooking is a regular part of my every day life and as a mama, and I am learning all about cooking with kids. While I do not always involve them in the process, I have been learning to say yes to the moments when they want to join in.

Is cooking with a two year old always the easiest thing, no? Does it teach her practical lessons, yes.

Sometimes, the best moments with my kids can be found around a recipe and a pile of ingredients.

Whenever my kids join me in the kitchen, I try to remind myself that messes are inevitable.  A trail of flour and flour covered noses will happen and it is okay.

Thankfully, using an apron from Ziyada can help cover up some of the messes.

Sharing how cooking with kids can be a memorable moment plus an easy recipe

Along with cooking with kids,  I love incorporating meaningful products into our homes. When I came across Ziyada, I instantly was interested because of their focus on providing employment for people who are trapped in the poverty cycle in North India. When I was in high school, I spent some time in India and I love finding organizations that operate to help others there.

I am loving my apron from Ziyada as it is just adorable and adds a splash of joy to my meal time prep. They also have aprons for littles and my daughter is eager to get one. She thinks they are “so cute” and asked me when she can have one too. They are currently out of stock but will be restocked soon!

When I am making one of our favorite dinners, my apron definitely helps contain the flour mess. Homemade pizza is pretty much on the menu every single week because the kids all love it and it is easy. Today I wanted to share with you our simple recipe. Trust me, you will never want to buy pizza again. It is just that good- and fun!

The best part of this recipe is how easy it is to customize to your own family. Make mini pizzas, add different toppings, etc. Just have fun with it!

Homemade Pizza Recipe

1 package dry active yeast
1 cup hot water
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups flour (or more if needed)
mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Sauce

Preheat oven to 450. Mix the yeast with the hot water. Add in oil, sugar, and salt and mix well. Slowly stir in flour, once it is too hard to stir, put it on a floured surface. Knead the dough, adding flour if needed, until it is good.

Roll dough out and place on floured pizza stone. Side note- I absolutely love our pizza stone, it is a must in my opinion. Add sauce and any toppings and then the cheese.

Bake or grill for 10-12 minutes, time will vary. Enjoy!

I encourage you to join me in cooking with kids this week! What is your favorite recipe to make with your kids? 

Thank you again to Ziyada for sponsoring this post! Take some time today to connect with Ziyada over on Facebook and Instagram. They offer some beautiful products, aprons, pillows, and yarn.  Use coupon code Joyful to get 15% off your order! As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Read more about my policies here

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