On a regular basis, Legos and Cheerios sprinkle my floor as if they were part of our carpet. At the thought of cultivating hospitality in the middle of my mess, I have to almost laugh. How does that even work?!

Laundry is typically being cycled through the washer and dryer creating a constant hum. Fingerprints are everywhere. To some it would seem like a chaotic mess. In fact, there have been times where I struggled with the mess.

Here is the truth though,perfection is overrated. I want to cultivate a home that is life-giving and full. I want it to be a safe place that welcomes others in. So the question is, how do we does this vision line up with the current state of matters? 

Do cheerios and hospitality really mingle? 

Friends, I think they do. In fact, I think in that mixture you may find the truest source of community. When these two things combine, you find deep friendships forming and lives being changed.

As you step forward in cultivating hospitality, I have four basic tips that help me as I prepare my home for others. 

1. Have snacks on hand. I love delicious food like some warm banana bread. Friends, you do not have to bake though, you could break out some crackers and cheese. Do what works for you. If you are having someone over who has little ones, prepare some kid friendly snacks. Also, coffee is always a winner with mamas.

2. Light a candle. There is something so soothing and welcoming about the aroma from a candle as it glows in the background. Mercy Candle Co has the most lovely candles that will remind you to focus on what is true with their truth centered names. Gather and Sunday Morning are currently in my home and I have loved how they fill our home with such a lovely scent.

3. Turn on music. Having music playing softly in the background is always a nice touch. I have a few Pandora playlists to choose from and love having this on.

4. Relax and enjoy. Once your company is present, be present as well. Avoid focusing on all the little messes you suddenly notice (like the dust piling up on the ceiling fan) and focus on your friend. Do not rush to clean up, but focus on the relationship. Savor the moments so that you do not miss out on true community.

Notice there is not a tip #5 to clean your house. Now, I typically do like to do a quick run through of the house every morning, but if I do not get to do this it should not keep me from having others over.

A clean house does not equal hospitality.

Hospitality is creating an environment that welcomes others in. It embraces others and lets them know that they are seen and matter. 

In the middle of a mess, there can be some of the most beautiful conversations. Do not let the mess keep you from community, friends. Start today- invite someone over, into your mess and watch your lives be transformed. 

Mercy Candle Co has graciously offered one of their lovely candles, Gather, to one of my lucky readers. I absolutely love this company and the name of this candle is such a great reminder of how we are to gather together in community. Hop on over to Instagram to enter the giveaway! The giveaway will end Friday, February 10th at 8pm EST.

What about you? How do you cultivate hospitality in your current season?

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Thank you to Mercy Candle Co for providing the candles for this post.


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