One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the home with some DIY Christmas decorCreating a haven in our home is very important to me as I want others and my family to feel at ease and comfortable when they are at our home.  Over time, I have found so much joy in DIY projects, so naturally that results in a DIY Christmas decor projects.

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Why do I love DIY projects?

(1) It is relaxing to me. Taking time to be creative fills my soul with so much joy. This is a way I take care of myself, because I am doing something I enjoy. Make the time to do what you love, sweet friends, it will fill your life with so much joy.

(2) It is cost efficient. Using items in my home or repurposing items results in a huge save in the money department. I love to shop  thrift stores for items or my own home.

(3) It reflects my personal style. The one thing I want to tell every person, is to just be you. Do not try to do what your friend is doing. Do not get lost in the sea of chasing perfection.  There is so much beauty in the little imperfections. If you have not read The Nesting Place, I highly recommend it. This book was such a game changer for me in the world of decorating.

Now onto some of my current favorite DIY Christmas decor pieces in our home.

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids and Moms- Simple DIY tutorial for Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

I adore our mantle. My brother in law made me this and it has become one of my favorite pieces in our home. It is so much fun to change the decor on it.

  • Tree- From Target Dollar Spot last year
  • Jars- Mason jars painted white and then sanded. I added some cut pine branches from our tree to the one.
  • Noel- A DIY project from years past
  • Reindeer- A gift from a friend
  • Pallet Board with Bunting- My sister and I nailed some pallets together and stained them. This is usually on my mantle and changes with season. The bunting is made using little pieces of ribbon.
  • Trees- A recent project with the kids

My sister and I made these wooden boxes last year. I love changing up the items in it. Currently, there are DIY Mercury Ornaments, ornaments from the Dollar Store, pine tree cuttings, and pine cones in it.

Easy DIY Christmas Decor Projects

Last year, I added in a Pallet Christmas Tree to the collection. It sits outside and I just love this tree so much, especially because it cost zero money. We had the pallet and paint and cut the star from cardboard. My sister had the spray paint for the star and a the little gem that sticks in the middle. Thank you to her bin of random craft supplies, this project came to completion! I followed this tutorial to get a general idea.

Easy DIY Christmas Decor Projects

Christmas decorating, and decorating in general, does not have to be stressful or cost a lot of money, friends. Browse Pinterest for some ideas and shop thrift stores. Paint is always helpful when you are doing DIY projects and can quickly change an item into something completely new! Save some spaghetti jars, paint them, and throw in some pine tree cuttings for a fresh look. Gather some friends together for a night of crafting and combine your supplies and ideas.

Be creative and be you. 

Do you have any favorite DIY Christmas decor crafts? What are your tips?

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