A couple years ago, we started a simple tradition of family Valentines. It all started with taping some envelopes to our fridge. Honestly, I was not sure how it would work. Sometimes I think I have the best idea for our kids and it is a complete flop, but the family valentines were a hit. In fact, they are something the kids have started to look forward to. 

Yesterday, I surprised the boys with having the envelopes up for when they returned from school. We are a few days before February, but it is a short month and we like having extra days. 

You can easily set up your own family Valentines. We use basic envelopes, washi tape, and construction paper for the Valentines. Sometimes we cut the paper into hearts and other times just a square. My oldest likes to write notes in them now, but the younger two draw a picture. Originally, I thought we would do this weekly over the course of February, but it was such a hit that it turned out to be a daily activity. 

Tip: Leave out the supplies to make Valentines. Grab a basket and put some pre-cut hearts or other shapes, pens, markers, crayons, stickers, etc in it. This way the kids can work on their Valentines whenever they want. 

Another fun idea for the month is to put a heart on your child’s door starting February 1st until February 14th. Beth shares about the idea here and I love this! I will randomly put notes on my kids’ doors and they beam when they find them. 

I love how this simple activity puts the focus onto others. My kids get so excited when they put a Valentine in someone’s envelope. It is beautiful to see their hearts through this. 

Have you ever made Valentine’s envelopes for your family? 

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