I love a good DIY project for the home and when I can involve my kids, I love it even more.  This is why I love this Christmas craft for kids and mamas that we recently put together.  There is something so relaxing about creating something beautiful for our home and doing so as a family. 

Over the years, my sister and I have loved working together to create decor for our homes. This year, I had an idea to make some trees out of wood. It did not start out as a project for the kids and I, but I quickly realized how easy it was to let them get creative with this.

Being creative by working on a DIY project is a form of self-care for me. It allows me to relax and breathe. While many times, I do these projects during nap time or bedtime, I have done some of them when the kids are awake.

It is so good for our kids to see us doing what we love.

One of my hopes is that my children will grow up and thrive in doing what they love. I believe that they need to see their parents investing in themselves so that they will learn the importance of taking time for yourself.

If you are a DIY craft lover like me, you will love this simple craft! If the thought of anything crafty sends you running, then I encourage you to focus on what you love. What helps you breathe slower? What brings you joy? Carve out some time for these things.

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids and Moms- Simple DIY tutorial for Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

Want to try this craft? Here is how you do it:

(1) Cut the wood into triangles. I wanted two large and one small.

(2) Sand the wood

(3) Paint the wood

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids and Moms- Simple DIY tutorial for Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

It is finished! My husband cut extra triangles for my kids and they sanded them and then painted away. They were so proud of their trees. Now our trees all sit on the mantle together and every time I see them, I am reminded of our time together. It was simple and unplanned, and perfectly beautiful.  

Now it is your turn, set aside the time to do something you love. Involve your kids in it and have fun. 

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