Every year at Christmas, we love carving out time for kids Christmas crafts. Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I love everything about a cute Christmas project. The kids always have so much fun and it is exciting to add different activities in each year.

If you search “kids Christmas crafts” on Pinterest you will be overwhelmed. It is an endless assortment, so I wanted to share our top favorites from last year. These are tried and true with my crew of little ones.

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Felt Christmas Tree

Have you seen the large felt Christmas tree on Pinterest? It is adorable and looks like a ton of fun. However, I do not love the idea of buying all the felt. Instead of completely forgetting the idea, I decided to do it but on a smaller scale. We had some leftover green felt and other small felt pieces and were able to create a smaller Christmas tree. It is perfect to use on our smaller felt boards. My toddler and preschooler love decorating the tree using this. Tip: Create your own felt board by using a square piece of cardboard and covering it with a piece of felt. Hot glue the felt that hangs over the square to the back side so the felt covers the square neatly. 

Easy Kids Christmas Crafts- Felt Christmas Tree

Scented Gingerbread Man

A favorite every year is to make a scented gingerbread man. There are many templates that you can print, or you can draw a simple gingerbread man on white paper. Then use brown paint, adding in some cinnamon to it. It creates a fun sensory craft for little ones. My preschooler loves this craft. We paint the gingerbread men and then they decorate them.

Easy Kids Christmas Crafts- Scented Gingerbread Man

Color Learning Tree

Learning colors is always something that we are focusing on in the earlier years, so we love creating activities to incorporate the skill. Using some construction paper, this activity can quickly be created. Cut out a Christmas tree and glue on different color circles for the ornaments. Cut a second set of the circles to use for matching. My little ones love matching activities so this is always a win!

Easy Kids Christmas Crafts- Color Learning Tree

Handprint Reindeer

This craft brings me back to my childhood- it is a classic. Reindeer crafts are always fun and this is a great way to talk about hands, fingers, feet, and toes.

Easy Kids Christmas Crafts- Reindeer

Do you have a favorite Christmas craft to do with your little ones? Remember, you do not have to do it all. Keep it simple and focus on a few things.


Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

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