3 Easy Popsicle Recipes

Easy Popsicle Recipes for the family!

Today, I am so excited to have Whitney sharing some easy popsicle recipes with us. Whitney is one of my favorite bloggers because she inspires me so much as a mom. She is using her gifts so well within motherhood and it is a beautiful thing to see. 

My kids and I have been having a lot of fun making cold treats this summer.  They love to help and I love to have some simple recipes they can make with me.  We’ve been on a popsicle kick lately.  It’s been really hot in the Midwest so it’s great to have a healthy treat we can make to cool off with at home.

I am excited to share our popsicle recipes with you today because they are SO EASY! 

Throw everything into a blender and freeze.  We have a VERY inexpensive blender and 4 popsicle maker.  It’s just the plastic base with four pops and 4 plastic popsicle sticks from the grocery store.  It’s worked great all summer long for these easy popsicle recipes.

The process is the same for every recipe. 

Put the ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth, pour into popsicle mold, freeze, run mold under warm water to help the popsicles to pop out.  If you don’t have a popsicle maker, just freeze your mixtures in a bowl and scoop them out like ice cream.

Easy Popsicle Recipes for the family!

Peach Pops

Handful of peaches

3 frozen bananas sliced

Splash of orange juice

3 Easy Popsicle Recipes- perfect for making with kids!

Blackberry Banana Pops

Handful of blackberries

3 frozen bananas sliced

Splash of water

3 Easy Popsicle Recipes- perfect for making with kids!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pops

3 frozen bananas sliced

3 T your favorite peanut butter (I use Peter Pan)

2 T chocolate chips (I use semi sweet chips)

¼ c water

3 Easy Popsicle Recipes- perfect for making with kids!

We have had a lot of fun trying out different fruit mixtures.  I usually pull out the bags of frozen fruit from our freezer and let the kids pick which ones we add in to our popsicles or smoothies.  It’s a fun way to include them in making a healthy treat at home.   Happy popsicle making!!  Do you have any easy popsicle recipes to share?

Hi!  My name is Whitney and I blog over at Polka-Dotty Place.  I am a teacher turned stay at home mama of two and I love to share fun recipes to make with kids.  I really enjoy cooking, baking, organizing, decorating and watching football with my husband.

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