One of my favorite things is to encourage others. Naturally, this also means that I love encouraging words as well. In my closet sits a worn box that holds various notes filled with encouraging words. Some are creased and fading with age and others are fresh from current years. Every time a note is received, my heart overflows with gratitude for the encouragement, so I store up these words letting them build as reminders of what is good.

Life is full of a lot of challenging moments. Between motherhood, marriage, friendships, family relationships, work struggles, financial challenges and so on, the trials can pile on heavy. Whether it is the big struggles or the small, we all need regular encouragement in our lives.

How to encourage others on a regular basi


My box in the closet serves as a reminder of hope and it also reminds me to make time to encourage others. In a world of emails and text messages, there is still something so beautiful about a handwritten note of encouragement.

Naturally, we gravitate towards quick and easy, which as a busy mom, I understand. However, taking the time to encourage a friend through a note does not have to be all that overwhelming.

I can have all the intention in the world to send a note to someone but many times it does not happen because of all the extra steps.

Run to the store, purchase a card, run to the post office, purchase a stamp, and so on. I give up and send a quick text.

However, with a little preparation, it does not have to be so overwhelming. Friends, there is a secret here and it involves two things: 

1) Purchase some note cards. I love using beautiful note cards that could double as a print in your home afterwards. Currently, I am adoring May We Fly cards. They are absolutely beautiful and will bring a smile to others.

How to encourage others today


2) Purchase some stamps. Get a book of stamps so you do not have to worry about this and miss your opportunity!

Isn’t that simple? Sometimes we can over think things and build things up to be harder than they really are. After you have your supplies ready, keep your eyes and ears open to who needs encouragement in your life. When you hear that friend struggling in her marriage, with her kids, with her identity, these are the moments you can use your little card to encourage another .

How to encourage others today!

A note card will not solve your friend’s problems, but it will remind her that she is not alone. Suddenly, she will feel seen and have a glimmer of hope that maybe everything will be okay. We all need these reminders, so let’s choose to be the voices of encouragement to others.

Today, I challenge you to look at those around you. How can you encourage others this week? Purchase some lovely note cards and start encouraging others in this practical way.

Thank you to May We Fly for sponsoring this post. May We Fly shares all of the beautiful things and truly is a shop worth supporting. Head on over and check out the lovely prints and cards that you can use to cultivate beauty in your own home and life.

7 comments on “How You Can Encourage Others”

  1. What a sweet reminder!! Those cards are beautiful!! When I was teaching I kept a box in my desk of encouraging notes from parents. I’d pull them out and reread them if I was having a hard day or needing some encouragement. They’re something I treasure years later.

  2. I use Etsy to buy cute notecards, they have such nice sets. Notes are so much more personal, I totally feel your point about email and messaging taking over to the point where letters are so rare that they’re refreshing to recieve. I’ve started writing to some of my friends at uni because I know they’re totally snowed under and need that encouragement.
    Kate ||

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