With Christmas over, we are moving into the new year. As a mom, I love to think of fun New Year’s Eve traditions to cultivate.  Today, I wanted to share some of our favorite New Year’s Eve traditions and some that we want to try out! 

Family New Year's Eve Traditions- fun ideas for the family at New Years

Family Favorite New Year’s Eve Traditions

Early New Year’s

While I love the idea of bringing in the new year as a family, the reality is that it will result in extremely tired and cranky kids the next day. Instead of a midngiht celebration, try for an earlier celebration. Delcare 7pm or 8pm to be midnight and celebrate!

Memory Jar

We started the New Year’s Eve tradition of using a memory jar a couple years ago and it has been a favorite. Starting in January, we start to fill a mason jar with memories from the year. The jar sits on our shelf in the dining room and anyone can add a memory to it over the course of the year. Then on New Year’s eve, we open the jar and read al of the memories. It is always amazing to reflect on the past year. If you want to start this tradition, you can grab a jar and print off the label and cards for the jar or you can order the entire kit complete with a bag to hold the memories.

Balloon Drop

This is a tradition that we have not tried yet, but I think my kids would love it! You can check out a great visual of what this looks like over at Been There, Pinned That

Family Photo

I love the idea of taking a family photo every year on New Year’s Eve and will be starting this. The picture does not have to be staged and perfect. Aren’t the best family photos the ones when the kids are being their usual crazy selves?! Start putting the photo in an ablum that holds the New Year’s Eve family photos.

Yearly Interview

As a fun way to reflect on the past year, have everyone fill out a yearly interview. Once you fill them out, place in a binder with plastic sleeves or photo album. Pull out the album every year to add in your new interviews and read the interviews from the past. This tradition can be combined with the family photo as you can add the photo in with the interview. I love this free printable interview here

Have a game night.

While you wait for the New Year to ring in, play Bingo as a family. Hip Hooray Blog has a great printable Bingo game that would be so much fun to play.

15 comments on “Family New Year’s Eve Traditions”

  1. I love the idea of creating a balloon drop! My toddlers would love that! Also the memory jar is going to be started this year, it my favorite on the list! Of coarse we will continue our family tradition of back eyed peas and ham (I think it’s a Southern thing). Happy New Year to you and than you for sharing.

    • We have not done the balloons yet but I think it would be so fun! Yes, we heard of the collards and black eyed peas when we moved to Charleston.

  2. Ooh fun ideas! My local libraries usually do balloon drops. I brought my oldest niece and nephew to one a few years ago and it was fun. It was a Noon Year’s Eve Party. I love the memory jar idea.


  3. I’ve never heard of the memory jar idea! I think that is my favorite. I just have to start remembering to write down things that happen throughout the year so we have something to read next year for New Year’s!

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