One area that I am really focused on being intentional in lately is our family. It is so important to me that our kids feel like our home is a place of love and encouragement. We want to build a beautiful unity in our home between all of us. One of the ways, we do this is by having a regular family night. Today, I will give you some tips to help you in creating your own family night.

Before we head into the tips, let me share a little honesty with you.  Our family nights always have someone crying. There is usually an argument about who gets to be first. During one season, I would be nursing our youngest while we attempted to play a family guide. Family nights do not equal perfect moments. Instead they are beautifully imperfect moments.

Decide how often and what day it will be.

We like to have ours weekly, key word being like. I strongly encourage at least once a month. Sometimes, we may have to say no to some things and cut back a little. Once you decide on the frequency, set a date and put it in the calendar!

Guard this night.

We know that Tuesday evening is family night. From the time my husband gets home until the time the kids go to bed, we are all together doing something as a group. Yes, emergencies happen, but for the most part we have been able to guard this time.

Make it special.

Some practical ideas are: create your own pizza night, have a special dessert, read a book as a family, play games together, let one of your children plan the night (take turns each time), build with blocks, play superheroes (my boys are so obsessed and if you live by us and drive by on a Tuesday night you may see all of us running around the yard as superheroes).

Technology free zone.

During family night we make it a point to put our phones aside.

Are you ready to create your own family night tradition? My kids love family nights and I hope to continue building into this over the years. Although, honestly, they do not always go smoothly, we are determined to continue. As you are consistent and push forward, you will see results.

As a way to help you create intentional time with your family, I am sharing a Monthly Intentional Family Guide! This will be sent out every month as a way to encourage and inspire you. All of the guides will be stored in the Intentional Living Library. 

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