When I found out about podcasts, I was in the thick of learning how to care for two little ones. Exhaustion filled my soul as I turned on my phone to listen to The Happy Hour and God Centered Mom. Instantly, I loved podcasts. Reading a parenting article, let alone a book, was not always feasible in those days but listening to a podcast while folding laundry or making dinner worked. 

Every week, I would turn on the latest episode and slowly catch up on the older ones. My days were filled with wisdom from women from all over. Words of hope and truth were spilled into my long days as a new mama. 

Now, here I am almost eight years into motherhood and still loving podcasts. They are such a practical resource for moms that is often overlooked. Today, I am sharing my top five podcasts for moms. These will fill you with truth, hope, encouragement, and remind you that you are not alone in this parenting journey. 

+ The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey Every single episode has been overflowing with goodness. You will laugh and cry while listening to The Happy Hour. 

+ Surviving Sarah I just adore Sarah and her constant encouragement via podcast. While listening you hear the stories of others and connect. 

+ God Centered MomMany of my favorite parenting tips were found in this podcast. Listening to this is always like a mini pep talk for my day. 

+ My Light Still ShinesRetha has the most incredible story and uses it to shine God’s love everywhere. I love her passion for others and bringing the focus onto Jesus. 

+ Two Small Town Girls Melissa and Christina are the best combo for podcasts. I have loved listening to them and always find myself connecting with what they share. 

Have you listened to any of these? I just adore a good podcast that leaves you feeling inspired and uplifted. What are some of your favorite podcasts? 

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