When I found out about podcasts and specifically podcasts for moms, I was in the thick of learning how to care for two little ones. Exhaustion filled my soul as I navigated the new waters of motherhood. During a season of feeling like I was drowning and alone, I found encouragement in podcasts for moms.  Reading a parenting article, let alone a book, was not always feasible in those days but listening to a podcast while folding laundry or making dinner worked.

Every week, I would turn on the latest episode and slowly catch up on the older ones. My days were filled with wisdom from women from all over. Words of hope and truth were spilled into my long days as a new mama. Instead of feeling alone, I started to realize I was not alone in my motherhood struggles and became inspired to grow as a mama.

Now, here I am almost nine years into motherhood and still loving podcasts. They are such a practical resource for moms that is often overlooked. Today, I am sharing my top five podcasts for moms. These will fill you with truth, hope, encouragement, and remind you that you are not alone in this parenting journey.

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Favorite Podcasts for Moms, Encouragement for Moms

My Favorite Podcasts for Moms

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Every single episode has been overflowing with goodness. You will laugh and cry while listening to The Happy Hour. One of the main reasons I love this show is because of the realness. I love how by sharing the stories of others, Jamie can encourage so many of us. Jamie also has her first book releasing this year! It is so good and I highly recommend pre-ordering it.

Surviving Sarah

I just adore Sarah and her constant encouragement via her podcast and Instagram. As she shares about her daughter’s and motherhood, I felt an instant connection. Whether it is someone sharing marriage or parenting advice, I always know I can listen to this podcast and be challenged to grow.

At Home with Sally

Ever since I read Desperate, I have been soaking up everything I could from Sally Clarkson. Her book with Sarah Mae was such a lifesaver to me during a hard season of motherhood. I firmly believe in the need for moms to have mentors. While I have my in-real-life mentors, I feel like Sally has been one from afar via her podcast and books.

Simply Life on Purpose + The Purpose Show

Technically this is two podcasts, but they started as one last year. I love Kelsey and Allie and am loving their separate podcasts. As someone who loves to chat about being purposeful, these podcasts are right up my ally. Both ladies have excellent tips and resources and I am excited to watch their individual podcasts grow.

Risen Motherhood

My friend, Ashley, first shared with me about this podcast and it quickly became a favorite. This podcast is hosted by Emily and Laura who are sister-in-laws. I love how the episodes are all quick and full of practical encouragement and action steps.

Have you listened to any of these? I just adore a good podcast that leaves you feeling inspired and uplifted. What are some of your favorite podcasts for moms? 

Stay tuned: next week, I plan to share 5 podcasts for blogging/business. 

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6 comments on “My Favorite Podcasts for Moms”

  1. I’m so excited that you ladies are hosting a Wednesday link-up! I started listening to the Hope Writers podcasts because of you. Thank you for the great recommendations! I hope you have a great day!

  2. I had somehow just forgotten about podcasts and their perfect format for my busy life! Thank you for your list of recommedations! I went and downloaded Stitcher and favorited all these stations. 🙂 I’ve been doing 1000 mile car trips each weekend and these podcasts have been awesome to help me get through the LONG rides.

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