We are a little over a month into school and finding time for family nights has been tough. Honestly, this is hard to admit since what I constantly share with others is the need for cultivating intentional family time. Yet, we are failing miserably in this area. Whenever something is not working, I do not like to dwell on the failure, but look for ways to fix it. As I reviewed the past month, I realized there were reasons why we struggled to find time as a family and I think you may be able to relate to these.

Why You May Be Struggling to Find Time as a Family

Not Scheduling it In

When I take an honest look at the past month, I realize that we have not been scheduling it. Every week, I would comment that we needed to have family night but nothing was planned.

We need to plan things if we want them to happen. I know it sounds simple, way too simple, but I think it is one of the main reasons many of us fail to follow through on whatever we are doing.

Once you know how often you want to have family nights, schedule them. Put them on  your calendar or in your phone. Tell everyone in your family so they know to set aside the time.

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Are you struggling to find time as a family? Here are some reasons why. Learn how to find time as a family.

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