We make time for what is important to us. For most of us, it feels as though time is flying by. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything that we need to do.

Our days are filled with diaper changes, meal times, laundry folding, and car rider lines.

It can be easy for moms to get lost in the sea of all those things. Weeks and eventually months can pass by, and we realize we have not done one thing that we wanted to do. In fact, some days we barely accomplished what we needed to do.

Early on in motherhood, I realized that I could quickly get lost in my day. There was a season where time would fly by and I wondered what I had truly accomplished.

Even in the midst of the busy moments of life, I felt empty.

I knew I had folded laundry and emptied the dishwasher.  However, what was I doing in the other moments of the day? 

As I reviewed my days, I realized that I was letting some pockets of time go to waste. When I was pregnant with my second, Pinterest was new on the scene. I quickly learned it was a wealth of knowledge. Of course it was also a sea of endless clicks that I could sink into.

If I could just find the perfect set up for the toys or if I could just find one more activity, then I would be done. But one click would lead to another, and next thing I knew I had boards full of activities, projects, and ideas that I never used. I also had time that had slipped away.

Throwing my hands up, I decided enough was enough! I needed a change because I did not want my time to continue to pass by filled with mindless tasks.

With a notebook in hand, I mapped out a table to track my time for a few days. Diligently, I kept track of when I did what. I also used part of the notebook to write out some goals for myself.

It is helpful to set simple goals. Write down what you want to accomplish. For example, I wrote down I wanted to exercise three times a week. Then I had to figure out where I could fit that into my day.

As I reviewed my time tracking table, I realized there were so many pockets of time that I was not using wisely. Sitting down with coffee in hand, I highlighted all of the activities that were things I needed to do (laundry, meals, appointments, etc). I then created a new time table to write these in the appropriate slots.

With only the necessary items written down, I was able to clearly see where I had time to fill with things I love.

I looked back at my goals and was able to fit these into my open space. Over the years, I have revamped my time chart to fit my current season. The amazing thing is that every time I do it, I am shocked at the pockets of time that I am filling with social media.

Have you ever tracked your time? Tracking my time saved my motherhood and gave me back the margin to do what I love.

This week, I encourage you to do two things. Track your time and set some goals.  God has given us life, let’s choose the abundant life full of all the beautiful things.

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